10 Top Tips for work nights out

10 Top Tips for work nights out

As we move into October we are coming into the season of work nights out. Be it an end of summer party or, come November, the beginning of the Christmas work party season, these occasions are very important events for people but have the potential to make or break someone’s career.


  1. Go to the party.

It is very important to show your face and be part of the team even if it is only for a couple of hours

  1. Speak to people outside of your work friends

Most people in work have a group of friends they spend most of their free work time with. At these events it is important to talk to other people in the company and widen your network

  1. Get involved in the activities

A lot of companies organise activities for team bonding and it is important to be active in these events

  1. Discuss topics not involving work

It is important to show your personality in these nights out and discuss things that don’t revolve around work

  1. Enjoy the night

Work parties are there for people to unwind and most importantly enjoy themselves


  1. Get too Drunk:

Self-explanatory but important to keep your wits about you

  1. Bad mouth managers or colleagues

You never know who is listening in or who is friends with who so best keep away from office talk

  1. Complain about the party

Someone on the team has worked hard to organise the event and even if it is not good you gain nothing by complaining about it

  1. Sit in a corner and be antisocial

Nobody likes to be in a group where someone is unhappy and moody. Even if a night out is not your preference pretend to be interested and enjoying yourself

  1. Invite Non-Work Friends

Later on in the night it is quite acceptable to meet up with friends however for the first couple of hours of the event it is important to remember that it is for the company and the process of team bonding and that you should be conversing with your work colleagues

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